Silky Delight's Medical Library


Silky Delight is a real-life medical fetish enthusiast. Her stories have appeared on the Speculum Pages as well as other medical fetish forums. These are the original ones, right from the source herself. She doesn't mind sharing as long as you give her credit for her fantasies, er work.


PDF Format Stories from Silky Delight

A Cure for Painful Sex
A woman has pain during sex and visits a medical specialist to find out why
A Cure for Painful Sex, Part 2
Janet's treatment continues and advances to anal sex
A Cure for Painful Sex, Part 3
Janet receives an enema and then has another treatment from surrogates
A Cure for Painful Sex, Part 4
The final treatment for Janet. Can she have sex without pain now?
First Doctors Club
Melissa indulges in her boyfriend's fantasy and allows herself to be intimately examined in a clinic setting
I Hate My Breasts
Linda is embarrassed by her breasts until she learns to love them in a very erotic exam
Dealing with the aftermath of a rape while having to undergo the medical exam afterwards
The Annual Exam
A woman's thoughts as she goes through her annual gyno exam
The Exam
An annual exam takes an erotic twist including being shaved and receiving an enema along with breast manipulation and orgasm testing
The Women's Health Clinic
Melissa opts to visit a woman doctor for her annual exam
Brian tricks Cindy into not only being his patient but also allowing his friends to explore and probe her body.
Wishes Granted
Marie elects to have a very non-traditional erotic annual exam


Silky can be reached via email sent to submits at lezzietown dot com